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Individualization of neoadjuvant therapy in patients with locally−distributed breast cancer
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Medical rehabilitation in oncology: the current state of the problem
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Protein and carbohydrate metabolism disorders in patients with malignant tumors of the intestine
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Contemporary views on the etiology and pathogenesis of ovarian cancer
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Nutritional insufficiency in patients with gastrointestinal malignancies
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Epidemiology of leiomyoma, adenomyosis and uterine sarcoma (literature review)
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Merkel skin carcinoma: diagnosis, clinical course and treatment peculiarities
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Molecular−biological tumor markers expression level evaluation in patients with stage ІІІ−ІV ovarian cancer of with the aim of relapse and metastasis risk prognosis
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Combination of chemotherapy and immunotherapy in cancer patients treatment (review)
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Breast cancer: epidemiology, risk factors, pathogenesis, diagnosis, prognosis
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Relevance the issues of breast cancer etiology and pathogenesis
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Clinical course of Paget's breast cancer at organ−preserving surgery
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Microsatellite instability and characteristics of endometrial cancer
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Intra−arterial chemotherapy in treatment of head and neck cancer: 65 years of application. Any verdict?
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Health−dependent quality of life in patients with disseminated hormone−naive prostate cancer
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The features of reproductive function in women with breast cancer
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The overall results of surgical treatment of renal cell carcinoma with intravenous proliferation
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Biomolecular markers as factors of prognosis of stage 3−4 ovarian cancer
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Androgen deprivation therapy in combination with chemotherapy in patients with castrate−naive metastatic prostate cancer
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Prospects of the use of molecular markers in cancer of ovaries
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The effectiveness of adjuvant chemoradiotherapy in patients with non−small−cell lung cancer
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Analysis of the efficacy of combination treatment of ovarian cancer patients with neoadjuvant chemotherapy
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Contemporary views on the problem of metastatic kidney cancer
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Paraneoplastic syndrome in hepatocellular cancer
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Pro−inflammatory cytokines and psychoneurological sings in cancer patients
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Morphological characteristics of perforated gastric cancer
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Endolymphatic, intravenous and intra−arterial chemotherapy for metastatic inoperable gastric cancer
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Molecular genetic characteristics of sporadic gastric cancer
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Laboratory parameters as predictors of bladder tumor malignancy grade
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The use of hormone therapy at atypical endometria hyperplasia in patients with microsatellite instability and ESR gene methylation
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Treatment of patients with kidney cancer metastases to the lungs
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Melatonin administration in oncology
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The peculiarities of fat uptake in patients with gastric cancer after gastrectomy depending on gastroplasty variant
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Intra−arterial chemotherapy in combination treatment for operable gastric cancer with metastases to the liver
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Contemporary aspects of diagnosis and treatment for ovarian cancer
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Assessment of functional activity of antithrombin III using the test of thrombin generation in cancer patients
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Urgent issues of chemotherapy for gastric cancer
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Oleksenko V. V.
Quality of life of the patients with gastric cancer depending on the peculiarities of development and course of the disease
84 - 88
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The role of pro−inflammatory cytokines in anemia development in cancer patients
75 - 81
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Combined treatment of the patients with colorectal cancer with metastases to the liver
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Investigation of influence of GST gene methylation on the prognosis of ovarian cancer course
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Stem tumor cells: a new concept of carcinogenesis
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The peculiarities of the clinical picture and treatment of thyroid microcarcinoma
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Significance of molecular genetic investigations at breast cancer
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Early diagnosis of thyroid cancer in persons from the risk group
82 - 85
Muzhichuk A. V., Afanasieva N. I., Muzhichuk V. V.
Thyroid cancer prevention in the risk group
72 - 75
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The role of heredity in the course of differentiated thyroid cancer
93 - 97
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The role of pro−inflammatory cytokines in development of behavioral disorders in cancer patients
98 - 102
Ivchenko A. L.
Individualization of therapeutic tactics in patients with ovarian cancer depending on the level of tissue kallikreins
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Regulatory T−cells and new strategies of antitumor immune therapy
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Clinico−morphological characteristics of combined course of thyroid cancer and benign thyroid pathology
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Surgical aspects of combined treatment for cancer of the proximal portion of the stomach
92 - 96
Shcherbina O. V.
Methods of nuclear medicine in diagnosis and treatment of patients with prostate cancer
97 - 101
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Therapeutic−diagnostic algorithm in focal thyropathy
76 - 81
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Radiodiagnosis of regional metastases in germentative testicular tumors
82 - 85
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Modern ideas about the role of immune reactions in development of malignant tumors
124 - 127
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Modern approaches to monitoring the patients with prostate cancer
128 - 132
Starikov V. I.
Peculiarities of pathogenesis and treatment of dyshormonal hyperplasia and breast cancer
61 - 66
Scherbina O. V.
Methods of nuclear medicine in breast cancer treatment
67 - 75
Scherbina O. V., Moskalets A. I.
Radioimmunoassay of tumor markers in clinical practice
88 - 93
Gorbenko V. N.
The capabilities of ultrasonography and cytological diagnosis of extrathyroid cancer
94 - 97
Scherbina O. V.
The role of tumor markers in diagnosis of prostate gland cancer and the patient monitoring
89 - 95
Starikov V. I., Khodak A. S.
Detection of disseminated tumor cells in the blood, bone marrow and lymph nodes using molecular−biological methods
96 - 100
Gorbenko V. N., Ovsiannikova T. N., Nikitchenko Yu. V., Tishko T. V.
The contribution of membrane modification to thyroid cancer pathogenesis
101 - 104
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Contemporary experience and prospects of immunomodulators application in complex therapy of cancer patients
86 - 93
Mikhanovsky A. A., Slobodianiuk O. V.
Modern aspects of multimodality treatment for uterine body cancer
94 - 98
Gorbenko V. N.
Free−radical processes as a specific factor of thyroid cancer development
99 - 102
Bondar G. V., Dumansky Yu. V., Sedakov I. E., Rogalev A. V.
Long−term results of complex treatment for metachronic breast cancer
110 - 113
Svinarenko A. V.
Comparative evaluation of pre− and post−operative radiation and chemoradiation therapy for rectal cancer
114 - 117
Dudnichenko A. S., Nazhett H. Haidar
Tumors with unrevealed primary focus: contemporary approaches to treatment
118 - 120
Bondar G. V., Popovich A. Yu., Lisovskaya N. Yu., Popovich Yu. A.
Contemporary capabilities of chemotherapy for lung cancer
82 - 86
Gnateyko O. Z., Kitsera N. I., Polischuk R. S.
Congenital development anomalies in sibs of children with acute leukemia
87 - 89
Starikov V. I.
Esophageal cancer: diagnosis and treatment prospects
66 - 70
Pereverzev A. S.
New clinical and diagnostic strategies in renal cancer
71 - 78
Orel V. E., Galakhin K. A., Korovin S. I., Dovgopolaya O. A., Morozov A. B., Romanov A. V., Dzyakovskaya N. N.
Chaos and malignant skin melanoma
87 - 93
Vorozhko A. G.
Rating of risk factors of rectal cancer relapses
94 - 96
Shponka I. S., Bondareva V. A., Gritsenko P. A.
The role of tissue markers in assessment of biological properties and prognosis of breast cancer
97 - 104
Popovskaya T. N.
Target therapy − a new direction of pharmaceutical treatment for malignant tumors
105 - 108
Starikov V. I.
Carcinoid tumors
90 - 92
Popovskaya T. N.
Immunotherapy: up−to−date standard of drug treatment for renal carcinoma
93 - 95
Otchenash N. N.
Contemporary methods of treatment for nonmelanoma skin cancer
96 - 98
Bilynsky B. T., Lukavetsky N. A.
Problems of cardioesophageal cancer surgery
124 - 126
Vinnik Yu. A., Neffa M. Yu., Kazmiruk O. V.
Contemporary views on ovarian cancer treatment
127 - 131
Perevodchikova N. I., Alekseyeva T. A.
Tumor pleurisy: diagnosis and choice of therapeutic tactics
88 - 93
Bondar G. B., Sedakov I. E., Smirnov V. N., Aliyeva S. O.
Evolution of methods of breast cancer treatment
94 - 98
Druzhina N. A., Chekhun V. F.
The problem of evaluation of low−dose radiation carcinogenic risk
78 - 82
Vinnik Yu. A., Yefimova G. S.
The use of Gemzar in chemoradiation treatment for non−small−cell lung cancer
83 - 86
Moskalenko I. P., Sukhina E. N., Tolkachev Yu. A., Nikiforova N. A., Sorochan P. P.
Circadian function and quality of life in patients with malignant tumors
87 - 91
Bondar G. V., Skochilias T. L., Sedakov I. E.
Hormone therapy for breast cancer
108 - 111
Prokhach N. E.
Immunotherapy in cancer treatment
112 - 116
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