Medical psychology

Zaseda Yu. I.
Medical psychological characteristics of the patients with psychosomatic and somatoform disorders in the context of clinical psychophenomenological study
36 - 44
Ishchuk V. V.
The peculiarities of psychogenic component of psychoendocrine syndrome in functional disorders of the thyroid gland
44 - 50
Drozdova I. V., Khramtsova V. V., Gonchar Yu. O., Yanovska S. Ya., Babets A. A.
Blood pressure and cognitive functions in patients with arterial hypertension in the remote period after stroke
50 - 54
Piontkovskaya O. V.
The content and efficacy of medical psychological aid in pediatric oncology
5 - 13
Khramtsova V. V.
Coping strategies in patients with chronic obstructive disease of the lungs
14 - 16
Ponomarev V. I.
Clinical characteristics of culturally determined sexual scenarios with combination of psychosexual development disorder and alcohol addiction in women
6 - 11
Shurma I. M.
Formation of mental deadaptation and burn out syndrome in senior officials of the health system
12 - 16
Yusupaliyeva M. M., Yusupaliyev A. U., Yakovlev V. I., Dankovykh N. S.
The influence of combination magnetolaser therapy on quality of life in patients with bronchial asthma at the state of restorative treatment
6 - 10
Korovina L. D.
The peculiarities of therapy with atypical antipsychotics for complications of paranoid schizophrenia in women
11 - 14
Bessmertny A. V.
Narrative interview at investigation of schizophrenia internal picture history (clinical psychological aspects)
6 - 10
Vasiakina L. A.
Peculiarities of psychosocial rehabilitation of the patients with pneumoconiosis at the out−patient stage of treatment
11 - 15
Sayko D. Yu.
Pathopsychological peculiarities and regularities of organic mental disorders development at Parkinson's disease
5 - 9
Spasibukhov A. A.
Co−dependence of mental sphere disorders and gastric and duodenal ulcer
10 - 12
Krishtal E. V., Zaitseva L. V.
Family dysfunction at depressive personality disorders in the wife
6 - 10
Kurilo V. A.
Personality features in spouses and their combinations in married couples as a provocative or preventive factor of family deadaptation development
11 - 19
Chaychenko T. V.
Psychosocial aspects of nutritional behavior disorders and physical activity of schoolchildren residing in Kharkiv region
20 - 24
Arshava I. F., Amineva Ya. R.
Psychological aspect of diabetes mellitus: problems and prospects
6 - 9
Shestopalova L. F., Artiukhova V. V.
Therapeutic alliance in a psychoneurological medical establishment
10 - 14
Shestopalova L. F., Lesnaya N. N.
Compliance peculiarities in patients with alcohol addiction and a system of its psychocorrection
6 - 12
Korostiy V. I.
Nonpsychotic mental disorders and psychological factors influencing the physical state of young patients with psychosomatic diseases
13 - 17
Vaikhanskaya T. G., Mozgova E. A., Osmolovskaya T. V.
Life quality, cognitive functions and depression level in patients with cerebrovascular pathology
8 - 12
Andrukh P. G.
The results of MMPI application in psychodiagnostic examination of the persons with addiction to various psychoactive substances (pathopersonological characteristics)
13 - 19
Drozdova I. V., Lysunets E. M., Moroz S. M.
Personality peculiarities in patients operated for congenital heart defects
8 - 10
Balabukha O. S.
Quality of life as the foundation of cancer patient rehabilitation programs
11 - 13
Drozdova I. V., Lysunets E. M.
Psychological peculiarities of the patients with operated congenital heart anomalies
6 - 11
Savina M. V.
The problems of mental development in children and adolescents with infantile cerebral paralysis
11 - 15
Shestopalova L. F., Kozhevnikova V. A.
The peculiarities of personality changes and social function in victims of extreme situations
6 - 10
Drozdova I. V., Kharchenko O. A.
The influence of personality peculiarities and environmental factors on the function and limitations of vital activity in patients with arterial hypertension
11 - 14
Mikhanovskaya N. G., Beliaeva E. E.
Behavioral patters of emotional disorders in mothers of early−age children with perinatal CNS lesions
6 - 10
Gurnitsky A. V.
Social psychological aspects of investigation of hyperkinetic disorders in children
10 - 15
Galchuk O. Ya.
Psychoanalytical hypotheses of forming neurotic disorders
6 - 8
Babenko−Sorokopud I. V., Tabachnikov A. E., Cherepkov V. N.
Psychodiagnosis and psychocorrection of menstrual function disorders in juvenile girls with anorexia nervosa
9 - 12
Deneko M. A.
Peculiarities of the personality and sex−role behavior in women with specific personality disorders
6 - 9
Drozdova I. V.
Personality characteristics of patients with arterial hypertension and neurasthenia
10 - 14
Datsenko I. B.
Apathy−type disturbance of personality formation in juveniles with cerebral dysfunction
15 - 19
Agisheva N. K.
Psychological incompatibility and conflict incompetence in married life
6 - 9
Datsenko I. B.
Dynamics and clinical regularities of forming labile personality disorder in teen−agers with cerebral dysfunction
10 - 14
Bondarevich S. M.
Age−dependent periods and time−related dynamics of forming and exacerbation of chronic diseases (using the example of urological pathology)
15 - 19
Datsenko I. B.
Disorders of personality formation of disinhibited and sexual type in hyperthymic teen−agers with cerebral dysfunction
6 - 12
Deneko M. A.
Family functioning disturbance at specific personality disorders in the wife
13 - 16
Drozdova I. V.
Personality features in patients with arterial hypertension and neurasthenia
17 - 21
Bovt M. V.
Character peculiarities and mental state of unmarried widowers
6 - 9
Batozsky S. S., Batozskaya M. S.
Causes and mechanisms of forming sexual and psychological aversion
10 - 13
Agisheva N. K.
Systemic structural analysis of spouse conflicts
6 - 9
Koliadko S. P.
Psychological peculiarities of the patients with somatoform vegetative dysfunction accompanied by paroxysmal states
10 - 13
Batozskaya M. S.
Psychological version in dysadapted married couples
14 - 17
Shapovalova N. A.
Specific personality disorders in women as long−term sequelae of sexual violence
6 - 10
Osokina O. I.
Pre−requisites of neurotic disorders in teachers of music
11 - 14
Baiguzina I. Ch.
The role of the mother with depression in development of the child's personality
15 - 17
Velikanova L. P.
The concept of strategy of psychogenic psychosomatic disorders primary prevention
6 - 11
Sazonov S. A.
Pathocharacteristic peculiarities of children with inorganic nocturnal enuresis
12 - 16
Tabachnikova V. S.
The role of character and personality peculiarities in adaptation disturbance in dental patients
17 - 21
Agisheva N. K.
Spouse conflicts and ways to resolve them
19 - 23
Krishtal T. V.
Psychological protective mechanisms in married couple deadaptation
24 - 26
Agisheva N. K.
Sex and love addiction
19 - 21
Krishtal T. V.
Spouse deadaptation at secondary dysfunction in women
22 - 25
Agisheva N. K.
Contemporary ideas about spouse conflicts and spouse deadaptation
22 - 25
Fedotova E. P.
Spouse deadaptation at organic personality disorders in the husband
26 - 29
Danilenko T. P.
Disorders of interpersonal relations of the spouses at long−term sequelae of brain injury in the husband
30 - 34
Chernobrovkina T. V., Kershengolts B. M.
Synergy, a promising approach to solving theoretical and practical tasks of addiction study
17 - 23
Schudro S. A.
The peculiarities of sex−role behavior of teen−agers with somatic diseases
24 - 27
Shumeychenko M. A.
Premorbid character features in men with hashish addiction
28 - 31
Godovas N. M.
The peculiarities of the personality and interpersonal relations of the spouses in sociogenic and psychogenic erectile dysfunction in the husband
16 - 20
Fedotova E. P.
Deadapting role of disturbances in performing the family functions at organic personality disorders in men
21 - 23
Datsenko I. B.
Transformation of character accentuation to organic personality disorder in children and teen−agers with cerebra dysfunction
24 - 28
Akhmedov T. I.
Psychological problems of anxiety
23 - 30
Smolin G. S.
Gestalt−therapy in the system of psychocorrection of communication disorders and erectile dysfunction in men without a female partner
31 - 33
Artemchuk A. F.
The degree and dynamics of reactive and personality anxiety as an integral parameter of adaptation potential in patients with alcohol addiction
77 - 82
Savchikova Yu. L.
Personality features in women with excessive body weight
83 - 87
Krivonogova O. V.
Formation of opium addiction in teen−agers
88 - 91
Baiguzina I. Ch.
Family psychotherapy in family−limited behavior disorders in children
42 - 44
Kadenko O. A.
Differences between extramarital liaisons of men and women
45 - 47
Kocharian A. S.
Space of psychotherapy: problem of psychotherapist presence in the contact
47 - 51
Sednev V. V.
Estimation of life quality and efficacy of therapeutic rehabilitation measures
52 - 55
Baiguzina I. Ch.
The role of a depressive mother in development of the child's personality
56 - 58
Vvedensky G. E., Khavkin A. Yu.
Psychophysiological and psychological aspects of diagnosis of sexual preference disturbances
59 - 64
Sednev V. V.
Disturbances of mental health in the child as a system−forming parameter of family trouble
33 - 35
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