Infectious diseases

Kozko V. M., Yurko K. V., Antsyferova N. V., Khrystenko N. Ye., Solomennyk G. O.
Low−invasive diagnosis of severity of liver fibrosis changes in patients with chronic hepatitis C
80 - 85
Nartov P. V., Yakushchenko V. A., Bobrova O. V., Vinnikova N. V.
Optimization of early diagnosis of acute bacterial meningites
86 - 88
Kozko V. M., Yurko K. V., Solomennyk H. O., Gavrylov A. V.
Lipid metabolism features in HIV−infected persons with chronic hepatitis C and in patients with HIV/HCV co−infection
64 - 67
Lytvyn K. Yu.
Cerebrospinal fluid and blood serum beta−2−microglobulin in HIV−associated neurological diseases
68 - 73
Sokhan A. V.
Present−day clinical and laboratory characteristic of acute meningococcal and pneumococcal neuroinfections in adults
74 - 78
Rohozhyn A. V.
Prediction of chemoresistant pulmonary tuberculosis severity depending on Mycobacterium Tuberculosis genotypes
79 - 83
Liadova T. I., Volobuieva O. V., Gololobova O. V., Shepylieva N. V.
The types of immune response in different forms of Epstein − Barr virus infection
70 - 76
Bodnia K. I., Bobrova O. V.
Comparative assessment immunity changes in patients with chronic acquired toxoplasmosis at different types of therapy
77 - 88
Shustval M. F., Volobuieva O. V., Liadova T. I.
Diagnosis and treatment of herpes virus myocarditis in adults with chickenpox
87 - 92
Sokhan A. V.
Polymerase chain reactіon in diagnosis of acute neuroinfections in adults
93 - 95
Gradil G. I., Gubina−Vakulik G. I., Tereshin V. O., Loboiko K. N., Yarosh V. A., Klapoukh V. O., Khodash E. M., Goidenko A. A., Borzenkova I. V., Levinskyi V. L.
Clinical analysis of fatal outcome due to influenza A (H1N1)pdm complicated by pneumonia caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae in the post−pandemic period during extracorporeal membrane oxygenation
72 - 77
Kozko V. M., Sokhan A. V., Zots Ya. V., Kononenko A. E., Pavlov V. V., Gavrylov A. V., Khrystenko N. Ye., Antsyferova N. V., Kaliuzhnyi V. A.
Biochemical indicators of cerebrospinal fluid in patients with acute meningococcal end enteroviral meningitis
70 - 74
Nartov V. P.
Qualitative and quantitative determining of peptidoglycan in patients with purulent bacterial meningitis by plasma of silkworm larvae
74 - 76
Podorozhna A. S.
Clinical epidemiological monitoring of antidiphtheria nonspecific immune protection in children on the stages of hepatitis A
77 - 80
Gololobova O. V.
The features of immune regulation in patients with HCV infection
81 - 87
Malyi V. P., Abdou J.
Pressing issues of malaria prevention
86 - 89
Dzyublik I. V., Obertynska O. V., Solomko Yu. O.
Type 1 bocavirus detection in children with clinical manifestations of acute respiratory viral infection
90 - 94
Malyi V. P., J. Abdou
Ebola virus disease: presentation, diagnosis, and prevention
62 - 67
Mirsaydullayev M. M., Mamasaliyev N. S.
The influence of professional and non corrected risk factors on development of increased arterial pressure in HIV−positive population
68 - 71
Iurko K. V.
Characteristic of cytokine metabolism in patients with HIV/HCV co−infection
72 - 74
Shustval N. F., Lyadova T. I., Volobuyeva O. V.
Cardiac complications in infectious mononucleosis in adults
90 - 95
Chuikov M. L., Malyi V. P., Nartov P. V.
Clinical diagnostic characteristics of chronic hepatitis C in medical professionals
96 - 100
Azizova G. I., Dadashova A. R., Vagabova G. R., Jafarov R. H.
Androgenic antimicrobial peptides as markers of infection process in thalassemia
100 - 103
Skvortsov V. V., Tumarenko A. V.
Main approaches to etiotropic treatment of viral hepatitis
70 - 74
Malyi V. P., Boyko V. V., Liadova T. I., Gololobova O. V.
Clinical characteristics of the course of viral hepatitis A depending on the genotype of HAV and type of immune response
75 - 80
Kozko V. N., Antsyferova N. V., Solomennik A. O.
Clinical and epidemiological features of chronic hepatitis C at present
69 - 72
Bobrova O. V.
Comparison of clinical effect of various kinds of complex therapy for chronic acquired toxoplasmosis in the stage of acceleration
73 - 77
Lavrinenko M. V., Zh. A. Revenko
Adaptation compensatory capabilities of the human body at demodecosis
78 - 81
Malyi V. P., Liadova T. I., Volobuyeva O. V., Gololobova O. V.
Molecular epidemiology of obligatory hepatotropic viruses and their influence on the clinical manifestations and outcome of the disease
89 - 94
Maly V. P., Gololobova O. V.
New in treatment of enteroinvasive acute intestinal infections
92 - 96
Nartov P. V.
Ammonium and C−reactive protein content in cerebrospinal fluid of patients with bacterial and viral meningitides
97 - 99
Maliy V. P., Chuikov M. L.
Viral hepatitis as an occupational pathology of health−care workers
106 - 109
Mamedov M. K., Dadasheva A. E.
Capabilities of Zadaxin in improvement of antviral treatment in patients with chronic hepatitis C
109 - 113
Kozko V. N., Solomennik A. O., Bondar A. E., Mogilenets E. I., Merkulova N. F., Yurko E. V.
The peculiarities of specific and unspecific immune response in HCV infection
76 - 81
Bondarenko A. V., Pokhil S. I., Timchenko E. N.
Seroimmunologic monitoring of specific antibodies level against the microorganisms of Bartonella genus
82 - 84
Nartov P. V.
Polymerase chain reaction in diagnosis of acute meningitis of bacterial and viral origin
85 - 87
Malyi V. P., Boyko V. V., Liadova T. I.
Clinical peculiarities of the course of viral hepatitis A depending on its genotype and the type of the organism immune response
95 - 98
Bondarenko A. V.
Bacillary angiomatosis
99 - 102
Nartov P. V.
Cytokine profile in patients with acute meningitis of bacterial and viral origin
103 - 105
Maly V. P., Shepileva N. V., Tkachenko L. V.
Tick−borne infections in Kharkiv Region
99 - 102
Agayeva N. A.
Microbiological and immunological characteristics of paradontitis and gingivitis of actinomycotic origin
103 - 106
Maliy V. P., Vinnikova N. V., Nartov P. V.
Polymerase chain reaction in diagnosis of meningococcal meningitis
86 - 90
Askarova A. V., Sultanov S. N.
The influence of herpetic infection on chorion tissue morphology and thrombocyte state in pregnant
90 - 95
Maliy V. P., Liadova T. I., Volobuyeva O. V.
Modern trends in drug treatment for herpesvirus infections
76 - 79
Chobanov R. E., Mamedov R. M.
The peculiarities of the clinical course and efficacy of treatment for parodontium inflammatory diseases associated with Helicobacter pylori
80 - 83
Grechushnikov V. B., Nelubin V. N., Molchanov O. V.
The state of pancreatic external secretion function in patients with chronic pancreatitis infected with Helicobacter pylori
102 - 108
Novruzova M. S.
Informativity of different methods of leishmaniasis laboratory diagnosis
109 - 112
Dudnik V. M., Moroz L. V., Medrazhevskaya Ya. A.
Lipid metabolism disorders in children with chronic hepatitis C
118 - 122
Malyi V. P., Shepileva N. V., Volobuyeva O. V., Grinenko V. A.
Lyme borreliosis: cotemporary state of the problem
123 - 126
Maly V. P., Nartov P. V., Liadova T. I.
Lactoferrin amount in cerebrospinal fluid of patients with acute meningitis
81 - 84
Moroz L. V., Shkondina E. F., Dudnik V. M., Kulias S. M.
Oxidative stress in patients with chronic hepatitis C
84 - 87
Kurbanov A. I.
Antioxidant enzymes of microorganisms: pathogenetic significance and prospects of application in medicine
105 - 109
Maly V. P., Volobuyeva O. V., Liadova T. I.
Amebiasis: clinical manifestations, diagnosis, therapy
110 - 117
Khodak L. A., Rzhevskaya O. A.
Modern peculiarities of infectious mononucleosis
84 - 88
Malyi V. P., Volobuyeva O. V.
The prospects of cellular therapy administration in chronic diffuse liver diseases
89 - 92
Andreychin M. A., Zavidniuk N. G.
Contemporary combination therapy for herpetic infections
90 - 93
Maliy V. P., Volobuyeva O. V.
Tick−borne encephalitis
94 - 98
Belousov Yu. B., Karpov O. I., Belousov D. Yu., Beketov A. S., Popova N. Yu., Boyko E. A.
The role of Josamicin in treatment of urogenital chlamydiosis: pharmacoeconomics substantiation
86 - 93
Chernobrovkina T. Ya.
The efficacy of Phosphogliv in hepatitis C
94 - 98
Malyi V. P., Polukchi A. K.
Bird flu: a typical emergent infection
93 - 99
Neliubin V. N., Mudrov V. P., Panova O. V., Stenina M. A., Kiselevich O. K.
Mixed infection Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Epstein−Barr virus, Herpes human VI in children
100 - 101
Nikiforov V. V., Tomilin Yu. N.
Botulism therapy: problems and solutions
119 - 123
Hodak L. A., Mushenko L. V., Rzhevskaya O. A.
Updated approaches to diagnosis and treatment of herpes virus infections
124 - 127
Nelubin V. N., Mudrov V. P., Skvortsov S. V., Kuznetsov E. O.
Infection component and immunopathology in chronic inflammatory diseases of the gastroduodenal mucosa
128 - 131
Penkov D. B., Chiriukina O. I.
Modern ideas about HCV infection
99 - 102
Andreychin M. A., Randiuk Yu. A.
Perinatal infection with hepatitis B and C virus: pathomorphological mechanisms and morphofunctional state of the placenta
103 - 106
Chernobrovkina T. Ya., Zharov S. N., Luchshev V. I.
Some aspects of antibody development in viral hepatitis C
107 - 110
Luchshev V. I., Burova S. V., Sokolova L. V.
Endolymphatic antibacterial therapy for typhoid fever
128 - 131
Shostakovich−Koretskaya L. R., Dziak L. A., Mavrutenkov V. V.
Epstein−Barr herpes−virus infection in multiple sclerosis
132 - 134
Andreychin M. A., Kopcha V. S., Nychik N. A.
Severe acute respiratory syndrome
98 - 102
Khodak L. A., Knizhenko O. V., Zakharchenko N. M.
Herpes virus diseases
103 - 106
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