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Medico−psychological management of persons with acute disorders of mental state and behavior
73 - 80
Zaseda Yu. I.
Psychogeniа аs main structural element of psychotherapeutic clinic
78 - 83
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Features of emotional−affective sphere in patients with acute somatic diseases
84 - 88
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The organization of care for patients with autism spectrum disorders
89 - 91
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Efficiency of psychoeducation in complex therapy for bipolar affective disorder
5 - 8
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Mental sphere disorderst in patients with acute somatic conditions
9 - 13
Zaitseva L. V.
Hyposexuality and sexual dysadaptation in women at depressive disorders of different origin
97 - 101
Chorna T. S.
Anxiety and phobiac disorders: clinical features, diagnosis, treatment principles
102 - 106
Filts A. O.
Psychiatry in self−oblivion?
6 - 11
Goncharov V. E.
The problem of social adaptation of schizophrenia patients
11 - 14
Deneko M. A.
Comparative analysis of social−demographic and microsocial factors at spouse deadaptation depending on the type of personality disorder in the wife
6 - 10
Midko A. A., Rozanov V. A.
Hopelessness experience in post−suicide period against a background of depression: some clinical−psychological and psychometric aspects
11 - 15
Ponomariov V. I.
Cognitive sphere investigation in children and teen−agers with addiction to volatile organic compounds
16 - 21
Kozidubova V. M.
Pathopsychological aspects of organic mood disorders investigation
8 - 10
Kozhekaru L. V.
A system of psychotherapeutic correction of spouses dysadaptation at hyposexuality in women with depressive disorders
11 - 13
Akimenko E. A.
Clinical psychopathological structure of schizophrenia patients with suicidal behavior
20 - 22
Vovk V. I.
Clinical−psychopathological features of HIV−infected persons
23 - 25
Svetlichnaya E. V.
Pathopsychological changes in child patients suffering from epilepsy with intellectual insufficiency and their psychocorrection
20 - 23
Belostotskaya Zh. I.
Clinical−psychopathological manifestations of depression in rural residents
24 - 26
Pisanaya N. R.
Sexual dysadaptation of spouses at somatized disorders in women
27 - 30
Kutko I. I., Frolov V. M., Rachkauskas G. S.
The changes in the parameters of mononuclear phagocytes in patients with treatment−resistant schizophrenia under the influence of laser blood irradiation
22 - 27
Filatova O. A.
Nonverbal psychocorrection of acute neurotic disorders in patients with surdimutism
28 - 30
Kozhekaru L. V.
Clinical−psychological features of bipolar affective disorders in women
27 - 29
Kutko I. I., Frolov V. M., Rachkauskas G. S.
Detoxification and metabolic disorders correction in schizophrenia treatment
26 - 30
Gibner S. M.
Psychoprophylaxis of sexual health disorders and solitude of divorced men
31 - 36
Maruta N. A., Panko T. V., Bakhteyeva T. D.
Psychopathological features of somatoform vegetative dysfunction of the cardiovascular system in women
32 - 35
Doluda S. M.
The findings of pathopsychological study of the patients with paranoid and common schizophrenia
36 - 38
Drozdova I. V.
Psychopathological manifestations in patients with arterial hypertension
39 - 41
Bakteyeva T. D.
Treatment for anxiety phobic disorders in women: clinical pathogenetic regularities
12 - 14
Datsenko I. B.
Dynamics and clinical regularities of forming organic personality disorders
15 - 19
Doluda S. M.
Contemporary features of affective disorders in schizophrenia in comparative age aspect
20 - 22
Kutko I. I., Frolov V. M., Rachkauskas G. S.
Pathogenetic significance of immune shifts and persistent viral infection in paranoid schizophrenia
34 - 38
Bakteyeva T. D.
Self−esteem of microsocial factors in development of neurotic disorders in women
39 - 45
Mikhailova E. A.
Neurological and mental disorders in children and teen−agers with diabetes mellitus. 4. Peculiarities of intellectual−cognitive sphere
46 - 50
Mikhailova E. A.
Neurological and mental disorders in children with diabetes mellitus. 3. Personality features and their role in formation of psychosomatic and somatopsychic disorders
69 - 73
Maruta N. A., Bakhteyeva T. D.
Peculiarities of conflictogenic zones in women with neurotic disorders
74 - 76
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Cardiophobic syndrome
32 - 33
Mikhailova E. A.
Neurological and mental disorders in children with diabetes mellitus. 2. Principles and methods of treatment, psychosocial rehabilitation
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Post−traumatic stress disorders: questions of treatment and prevention
33 - 37
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Clinical−psychopathological peculiarities of contemporary neuropathic disorders
38 - 41
Mikhailova E. A.
Neurotic and mental disorders in children with diabetes mellitus. 1. Pathogenetic mechanisms and diagnosis
42 - 46
Mikhailov B. V.
The problem of depression in general somatic practice
22 - 27
Minko A. I., Linsky I. V.
Affective disorders in psychoactive substances addiction
28 - 30
Kuzminov V. N., Yurchenko N. P., Yurchenko A. N.
Diagnostic and therapeutic problems in acute psychosis in patients with alcohol addiction
31 - 33
Alexandrovsky Yu. A.
General approaches of prevention and treatment of borderline mental disorders
42 - 44
Mikhailov B. V.
Clinical picture and principles of therapy for of somatoform disorders
45 - 49
Roschin A. A.
Correction of motor and behavior functions in treatment and rehabilitation of patients with schizotypical disorders
50 - 52
Litovchenko E. A.
Diagnosis of mental state and rehabilitation of patients with laryngeal cancer
53 - 55
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