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Comparative analysis of the effectiveness of non−invasive methods of treatment of non−dendritic kidney stones
42 - 46
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Chalanges of ureteral stones treatment using intracorporeal lithotripsy
50 - 55
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Impact of metabolic syndrome on development of castration−resistant prostate cancer
56 - 60
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Endoscopic treatment of complicated ureteral calculi using ultrasound and laser contact lithotripsy
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The effect of metabolic syndrome on prostatic cancer development
42 - 47
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Prognostic significance of morphological parameters of renal cell carcinoma with intravenous invasion
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Drug therapy of lower urinary tract symptoms in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia: what is new?
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Classification problems renal cell carcinoma intravenous proliferation
65 - 68
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Low risk prostate cancer – active control or active treatment?
69 - 74
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Efficacy of omniprost (tamsulosin) in prostate benign hyperpalsia
90 - 93
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Non−invasive bladder cancer: urgent issues of staging and new approaches to treatment
80 - 86
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The influence of bioguided laser therapy on organism antioxidant protection system in abacterial prostatitis
87 - 91
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Type A botulinum toxin in treatment of urological diseases
67 - 75
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Interstitional cystitis. Modern views at the problem
114 - 123
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Modern tendencies in treatment stress urine incontinence in women
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Male infertility: contemporary aspects
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Diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of syndrome of urinary bladder hyperactivation
105 - 109
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Intraoperative pubovesical sling, a solution of urinary incontinence problem in men after radical prostatectomy
110 - 113
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Acute urinary retention in benign prostatic syndrome
83 - 86
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Sling tension regulation, a modern view on the problem of urine incontinence
87 - 91
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Low−invasive method of hydrocele treatment
92 - 94
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The study of urethra hypermobility in the practice of operative treatment for genital prolapse
82 - 85
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Peritoneal dialysis in the structure of specialized nephrologic care
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Chronic pelvic pain syndrome in men
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Main directions of diagnosis and treatment for interstitial cystitis
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Efficacy of α1−adrenoblockers in treatment of patients with prostatodynia
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Some prognostic aspects of radical cystectomy with orthotopic intestinoneocystoplasty
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Disturbances of reproductive function in prostatitis / syndrome of chronic pelvic pain
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Prostate cancer: the state of the problem in Ukraine
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Structural and functional changes in the kidneys in arterial hypertension
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Kidney angiomyolipoma: current approaches to diagnosis and treatment
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Sigmoneocystoplasty: a method of urine derivation after cystectomy
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Current immunotherapy of advanced renal call carcinoma
92 - 94
Shus A. V.
Optimization of therapeutic diagnostic tactics in multifocal renal cancer
95 - 97
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