Clinical pharmacology

Yarovoi S. K.
How to reduce the risks of multicomponent drug therapy
84 - 88
Shegai M. M., Shnaider A., Shimanovsky N. L.
Pharmacogenomics of antiretroviral drugs, genetic therapy against HIV infection and genome edition
87 - 97
Yarovoy S. K.
Pharmacotherapy of metabolic skeletal lesions against a background of recurrent nephrolithiasis
63 - 69
Dukhanin A. S., Shimanovsky N. L.
Pressing issues of angioprotector administration
79 - 85
Kareva E. N., Kuvaeva V. D., Kramorenko M. P., Kappusheva L. M.
Evaluation of sex steroids receptors expression in blood mononuclear cells to forecast the effectiveness of in vitro fertilization
104 - 108
Dukhanin A. S., Shimanovsky N. L.
Original and generic drugs: myths and realities
81 - 88
Poliayev Yu. A., Postnikov S. S., Mylnikov A. A., Garbuzov R. V., Narbutov A. G., Shimanovsky N. L.
New capabilities in treatment of infantile hemangiomas using Propranolol
94 - 103
Kirichek L. T., Scherban N. G.
Metabolite and metabolitotropic drugs in the system of stress protection
103 - 108
Kareva E. N., Fedoreyev S. A., Shimanovsky N. L.
Synthetic and herbal drugs with estrogen−like activity
95 - 100
Kirichek L. T., Kalchuk R. O.
Stress−protectors in correction of oral mucosa inflammation
101 - 105
Rogovsky V. S., Matyushin A. I., Shimanovsky N. L.
The prospects of Quercetinum and its derivatives administration for prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis
114 - 118
Dukhanin A. S., Shimanovsky N. L.
Modern tendencies in administration of antithrombocyte medication in prevention of atherothrombotic events
88 - 94
Kirichek L. T., Dubenko E. G., Perepelitsa A. V., Samardakova G. A., Khvorostinka V. N., Shushliapin O. I., Ivannikova S. V.
Prospects of clinical application of stress−protectors
116 - 119
Kravchun P. G., Olkhovsky D. V., Krapivko S. A., Borzova E. Yu.
Efficacy of magnesium orotate in treatment of arterial hypertension accompanied by obesity and chronic heart failure
120 - 123
Shimanovsky N. L.
Nanotechnologies in contemporary pharmacology
131 - 135
Kurbanov A. I.
Antioxidant enzymes of microorganisms as potential factors of pathogenecity
136 - 139
Kurbanov A. I.
Modern ideas about the mechanisms of antioxidant action on phagocytosis
104 - 107
Shimanovsky N. A.
The prospects of target therapy in cancer of the liver and kidneys
108 - 111
Perepelitsa A. V., Kirichek L. T.
Antioxidants in intensive therapy of surgical patients
111 - 115
Popova N. Yu., Dukhanin A. S., Shimanovsky N. L.
Combined gestagen/estrogen drugs in hyperandrogeny treatment
116 - 119
Samardakova G. A., Kirichek L. T., Strelnikova I. N.
Affective disorders as a result of side effects of anti−epilepsy drugs
120 - 123
Shimanovsky N. L.
Is it necessary to administer nonsteroid anti−inflammatory drugs to prevent and treat malignant tumors?
112 - 116
Kuzmina O. A.
Clinical pharmacology, pharmacokinetics of calcium antagonists and their application in modern medicine
117 - 121
Kirichek L. T.
Traditional basis and new capabilities of pharmacotherapy for arterial hypertension
140 - 143
Shimanovsky N. L.
Progress in creating tonic glucocorticoid for dermatology use
144 - 147
Shimanovsky N. L.
The concept of creation of a hormonal contraceptive drug with optimum pharmacodynamics
135 - 141
Shimanovsky N. L.
The choice of drugs for climacteric complications treatment and osteoporosis prevention
117 - 121
Olbinskaya L. I., Zakharova V. L.
Contemporary aspects of statins and fibrates administration in patients with lipid metabolism disturbances
139 - 143
Kirichek L. T., Zubova E. O.
Molecular basis of oxidative stress and possibility of its pharmacological regulation
144 - 148
Kirichek L. T.
Synthetic antibacterial drugs in contemporary chemotherapy
116 - 120
Shimanovsky N. L.
New achievements in hormonal contraception
114 - 117
Kirichek L. T.
Antibiotics in modern chemotherapy
118 - 122
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