Medico-social problems

Trehub P. O., Ohniev V. A., Berezka M. I.
Medical and social substantiation of an optimized model of rehabilitation of patients with chronic pancreatitis
95 - 100
Borysova I. S., Mazur B. V., Sokolenko V. V.
The analysis of occupational injuries in Ukraine and Dnipropetrovsk region in 2017
69 - 72
Ohniev V. A., Pomohaibo K. H.
Various aspects of obesity and overweight in children and adolescents
92 - 96
Ognev V. A., Galicheva N. O., Chumak L. I., Veretelnyk O. A., Podpriadova A. A.
Lifestyle medical and social problems in students of a medical university
87 - 90
Potseluyev V. I.
Investigation of indices of efficacy of work of family medicine establishments
118 - 120
Vievsky A. N.
The principles and structure of complex multilevel system of medical social prevention of psychoactive substances use by children
119 - 124
Kazmiruk O. V., Riazantseva N. N.
The role of family physician in revealing gastrointestinal tract diseases
122 - 124
Rachko V. I., Serdiuk A. I., Rogozhin B. A.
Monitoring in management of a resort service provider
125 - 127
Gumeniuk L. N.
Limitation of ability to integrate to the community of the patients with psychical disorders as a medico−social problem
112 - 118
Chumachenko T. A., Kratenko I. S., Tonkoshkur T. I.
Immunoprevention: the condition of epidemiological well−being
119 - 122
Vertkin A. L., Kolobov S. V., Zairatiants O. V., Vovk E. I.
Iatrogenic diseases in intensive care
105 - 114
Nedoshivin A. O.
Growth points in contemporary cardiology and organization of specialized cardiological aid
115 - 119
Mischenko A. N.
Systemic−structural characteristics of the conceptual model of medicosocial rehabilitation of disabled children
120 - 125
Mavrov G. I., Chinov G. P., Yaroshenko A. A.
Medical and social aspects of commerce sex
147 - 156
Volos B. E., Mavrov I. I.
Problems of medical care quality and efficacy
128 - 132
Serdiuk A. I., Shinkariova I. M.
The efficacy of organization models of primary medical sanitary aid to rural population: an experience of integral assessment
133 - 136
Rogozhin B. A.
General (family) practice in the context of the national health system development
109 - 113
Alekberov M. M.
The analysis of working time use by the directors of centers for hygiene and epidemiology
114 - 117
Antonian I. M., Khvysiuk A. N., Antonian M. I.
On transplantology development in Ukraine: legal aspects
148 - 151
Karamyshev D. V.
Public policy and strategy of innovative transformations of public health system in Ukraine
152 - 155
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