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A clinical case of hyper−IgE syndrome
20 - 23
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Topical issues of diagnosis and treatment of pyelonephritis in early−age children
24 - 27
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Chronic kidney disease in children: supranosological and nosological approaches
25 - 28
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Optimizing treatment tactics in infants with sepsis
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The peculiarities of peripheral hemodynamics in children with reactive arthropathy with knee joint involvement
30 - 33
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The level of post−vaccination antidiphtheria immunity in children depending of the duration of type 1 diabetes mellitus
34 - 38
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Clinical significance of endothelial dysfunction in children with relapsing obstructive bronchitis and bronchial asthma
32 - 36
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The characteristics of diastolic function of the left ventricle in pre−term newborns depending on the type of respiratory therapy in early neonatal period
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The analysis of therapeutic efficacy of anticonvulsants in children with symptomatic epilepsy
40 - 43
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Carnitine chloride in complex therapy for functional disorders of the heart at hypoxic CNS lesions in newborns
39 - 42
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Systolic and diastolic myocardium function in teen−agers with hypothalamic syndrome of puberty
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Exocrine function of the pancreas and mechanisms of its regulation in children with chronic gastroduodenal pathology
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Age−dependent dynamics of forming cardiorespiratory system and adaptation potential in children of school age
36 - 40
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Comparative assessment of the factors and degree of myopia risk in children
41 - 44
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Osteopenic disorders in schoolchildren: algorithm of diagnosis and prognostic criteria
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Cellular energy metabolism in children of the first year of life at complicated pneumonias
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Functioning of cytokine system in children with viral hepatitis
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Oxidation stress and hormonal state of the juveniles with duodenal ulcer
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Differential diagnosis of chronic colitis in children
125 - 127
Savvo V. M., Sorokolat Yu. V.
Reactive arthritis associated with nasopharyngeal infection in children
128 - 131
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