Tseluyko V. I.

Tseluiko V. Y., Lozova T. A.
The effect of eplerenone on the galectin−3 dynamics and the state of post−infarction remodeling in patients with right ventricle myocardial infarction
5 - 10
Matuzok O. E., Yakovleva L. M., Tseluiko V. Y.
Relationship between high−sensitivity C−reactive protein and intracardiac hemodinamic parameters in patients with myocrdial infarction
5 - 10
Tseluyko V. Y., Kreyndel K. L.
Clinical instrumental and genetic factors affecting the long−term prognosis in patients with coronary artery disease who underwent coronary artery stenting
12 - 15
Tseluyko V. Y., Matviychuk N. V., Kinoshenko K. Yu.
Dynamics of changes of galectin−3 level in patients with chronic heart failure at six−month observation
35 - 39
Tseluiko V. I., Mordiashova S. V.
Disorders of the heart rhythm in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
29 - 33
Tseluyko V. I., Kuznetsov I. V., Medved E. P.
The influence of insertion−deletion gene polymorphism of angiotensin converting enzyme on development and course of atherosclerotic process
36 - 40
Tseluyko V. I., Popova E. I., Yakovleva L. N., Medved E. P.
The state of the coronary vessels according to selective coronaroventriculography in patients with the history of myocardial infarction
56 - 61
Tseluiko V. I., Radchenko O. V.
The efficacy of antihypertensive therapy in X−metabolic syndrome
6 - 11
Tseluiko V. I., Lvova A. B., Kravchenko N. A.
Polymorphism of angiotensin−converting enzyme gene in patients with sodium−dependent arterial hypertension
28 - 32
Tseluyko V. I., Litvinova I. A., Kinoshenko K. Yu., Muhamed Al Nahala
The state of diastolic function in patients with hypertonic cardiomyopathy
18 - 21
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