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№4' 2018


International Medical Journal, Vol. 24., Iss. 4, 2018, P. 30−34.


Aleksei Vytalevych Kravtsov, Tsohoiev A. A., Yurii Ivanovych Isaev, Yurii Ivanovych Kozіn, Teimur Ahaliievich Kurbanov

GI "Institute of general and urgent surgery named after V. T. Zaytsev of NAMS Ukraine" Kharkov
Communal non−profit enterprise "Kharkiv city clinical hospital of emergency aid named by prof. O. I. Meshchaninov", Ukraine

Burn injuries require long and expensive treatment, accompanied by long−term disability, high mortality and disability of patients. For the local treatment of burns, numerous drugs have been proposed, including those based on natural biopolymers, which include chitosan, and its combination with antibiotics (in particular with gentamicin) enhances the therapeutic effect of the drug. In order to establish the effectiveness of the domestic drug "Chitosan−Genta" in the local treatment of burns of various depths and the optimal methods of its use, 37 patients were examined. Such parameters of the wound process as severity of inflammatory reaction, level of wound exudation, time of formation of a scab on the burn surface, terms of epithelialization of superficial and cleansing deep burns from necrotic tissues, time of skin plasty operations and terms of the final healing of burns were determined. The work confirmed the effectiveness of the treatment with Chitosan−genta of both superficial and deep burns, which was expressed in optimizing the course of the wound process, accelerating epithelialization of superficial burns, shortening the time of preparation of deep burns for surgical treatment and reducing the time of inpatient treatment of victims. Gel "Chitosan−genta" due to the successful combination of gel base and antibacterial component provides clinical efficacy in the treatment of superficial and deep burns, which allows us to recommend its use in combustiology.

Key words: burns, Hitozan−Genta gel, local treatment, wound process.

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