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№1' 2018


International Medical Journal, Vol. 24., Iss. 1, 2018, P. 51−54.


Andrei Yurevich Shcherbakov, Tatiana Anatolevna Mielikova, Dmitrii Nikolaevich Shapoval

Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Ukraine

The relevance of the problem of thyroid diseases against a background of reproductive system disorders in women is associated with the growth of endocrine infertility due to thyropathies, especially of autoimmune origin. The study of the association between the reproductive system and the function of the thyroid gland can rationalize the approach in the timely diagnosis and treatment of patients with thyropathies. The analysis of specialized scientific literature was performed to generalize the data on the role of thyrotoxicosis and hypothyroidism in the development of endocrine infertility in women. The thyroid gland plays one of the key roles in the endocrine system and affects the growth and development, functional activity of all organs and systems. The prevalence and constant growth of thyroid diseases often causes irregularities in the menstrual cycle and can lead to infertility and prenatal loss in women. In the structure of thyroid disorders, autoimmune thyroiditis ranks second and is the most frequent cause of primary hypothyroidism. Autoimmune hypothyroidism leads to an imbalance of homeostasis, a slowdown in all metabolic processes in the body, a change in the rheological state of the blood, a disruption of the hypothalamic−pituitary−ovarian system. Women with thyrotoxicosis retain the ability to conceive, but this pathology plays a huge role in the gestation process and often leads to serious hemostasis disorders and miscarriage. The findings of the literature review suggest that timely diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disorders and inclusion of a test for thyroid hormones in the standards of therapeutic and diagnostic measures in women with infertility and miscarriage will reduce the risk of fetal loss and improve reproductive health.

Key words: reproductive system, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, autoimmune thyroiditis, infertility.

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