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№2' 2017


International Medical Journal, Vol. 23., Iss. 2, 2017, P. 28−32.


Valerii Volodymyrovych Boiko, Krasnoiaruzhskyi A. G., Kritsak V. V.

V. T. Zaytsev Institute of General and Urgent Surgery of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Postoperative complications in thoracic surgery are a frequent cause of deaths, they extend the period of treatment, lead to disability. One of the causes of is airway obturation with mucus, phlegm, blood clots. A group of high−performance, versatile and safe methods of treatment includes low−energy laser radiation. Antimicrobial photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a method for inactivation of microbial cells by radiation source with the corresponding wavelength and photosensitizer. In order to identify the most promising for photodynamic therapy photosensitizers, antiseptics, optical absorption spectra of antiseptics, most commonly used in medical practice, have their own color, peaks of optical absorption of which lie within the visible and near infrared spectral bands, was monitored. Aqueous solutions of: methylene blue, gentian violet, fuchsin, brilliant green as well as solutions of eosin, n tolluidin blue, furacilin at dilution of 1:5000, dioxydine, iodine dicirine were investigated. Spectrophotometry was conducted on the solutions proposed with SF−56 spectrophotometer in spectral range 190−1100 nm. The antibacterial effect of photodynamic therapy was studied in relation to one of the major causative agents of acute and chronic purulent inflammation of the tracheobronchial tree Staphylococcus aureus. The findings of the investigation demonstrate a marked photodynamic effect of methylene blue with the visible part of the spectrum and ultraviolet radiation. To develop a method for treatment of inflammatory diseases in patients with tracheobronchial pathology by the use of endoscopic photodynamic treatment, laser light of the red spectral range was selected. Laser radiation coherence allows sending it to the optical fibers, which is impossible for the LED light of the same power. Methylene blue was shown to be the most effective.

Key words: photodynamic therapy, antiseptic photosensitizers, antibacterial activity.

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