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№2' 2020


International Medical Journal, Vol. 26., Iss. 2, 2020, P. 29−31.



Pasieshvili N. M., Viktor Savelevich Lupoyad, Karpenko V. G., Viktoriia Aleksandrovna Ilchenko

Municipal Non−Profit Enterprise of Kharkiv Regional Council "Regional Clinical Perinatal Center"
V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Ukraine

One of the most pressing problems is the onset of menopause in the women over the age of 45 and the development of menopausal syndrome. Because a large number of women with severe menopausal symptoms does not receive adequate therapy and applies for the alternative ineffective ways to alleviate the condition, they should be informed about preventive measures and treatment of this syndrome. The paper describes in details the disorders that occur during menopause. Particular attention is paid to the examination of such women, the study of complaints related to the nervous and cardiovascular systems, urogenital tract, metabolic processes. In addition to the general examination, special methods are used as follows: ultrasound, cytological examination of secretions from the surface of the cervix, cervical canal. If necessary, in women with cyclic bleeding, an endometrial biopsy is performed with a biopsy. In recent years, hormone replacement therapy has been widely used to treat menopausal syndrome as the most effective way to prevent disorders (osteoporosis, atrophy of the urogenital tract, etc.). The purpose of its implementation is to maintain the function of hormone−producing organs in a normal state, reduce the expression of symptoms, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Treatment is usually performed on an outpatient basis. Only natural estrogens are used, which are chemically similar to those synthesized in the female body. In order to prevent the development of hyperplastic processes in the endometrium, the women are prescribed with progestins in a cyclic or continuous mode from several months to several years. Hormone replacement therapy will help a woman to avoid the negative effects of estrogen deficiency on the body, maintain bone density and cardiovascular health, as well as improve overall quality of life.

Key words: menopause, menopausal syndrome, vascular disorders, hormone replacement therapy.


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