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№3' 2018


International Medical Journal, Vol. 24., Iss. 3, 2018, P. 69−72.


Borysova I. S., Mazur B. V., Sokolenko V. V.

Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy of Ministry of Health of Ukraine
Administration of Management Directorate of Social Insurance Foundation in Dnipropetrovsk Region, Dnipro, Ukraine

According to the International Labor Organization, about 2,3 million men and women die annually as a result of workplace accidents or job−related illnesses, which means an average of 6,000 people a day. The analysis of occupational injuries and occupational diseases in Ukraine over the past years has shown that, despite the measures taken by the state and employers to create safe working conditions in the workplace, the level of injuries remains rather high. Retrospective analysis of the indicators of occupational injuries in Ukraine and Dnipropetrovsk region for 2017 was carried out on the basis of statistical data of victims of industrial accidents, in which the acts on the form of the H−1 were compiled. The analysis of the obtained indicators shows that the level of occupational injuries remains high. Quantitative and qualitative indicators of occupational injuries in Dnipropetrovsk region reflect the general state of this problem in the country. The need to address the urgent problem of industrialized countries, reducing the level of injury in the workplace, is possible only with a comprehensive approach to the problem. Effective safety management can be achieved by building an effective system for managing occupational risks at different levels. The solution to this requires development and implementation of scientific and methodological provision of safety based on management of occupational risks at different levels of management, taking into account the best practices of foreign countries.

Key words: occupational injuries, occupational diseases, Dnipropetrovsk region.

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