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№2' 2018


International Medical Journal, Vol. 24., Iss. 2, 2018, P. 68−73.


Lytvyn K. Yu.

Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy of Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Dnipro, Ukraine

Despite antiretroviral therapy, patients with HIV often develop neurological disorders, which significantly increase the risk of mortality. The frequency of neurological disorders in HIV−infected patients determines the relevance of the search for effective biomarkers, one of which may be beta−2−microglobulin (B2MG). Increase in its level correlates with HIV progression. In order to determine the content of B2MG in cerebrospinal fluid and serum in HIV−associated neurological diseases and its association with the immunological status and viral load of HIV RNA, 48 non−antiretroviral patients were studied. The content of B2MG in the blood serum and cerebrospinal fluid was determined at the time of maximal manifestation of neurological manifestations using immunoassay. The results of the study indicate that the level of B2MG in the blood and CSF in all HIV−infected patients with neurological diseases significantly exceeded normal values (p < 0.001). The linear regression equation built according to the results of the study: B2MG = 2.298 + 0.5786 * B2MG (blood) is adequate with p = 0.002 (Fischer F−criterion) and allows calculation of the mean value of B2MG concentration in the liquor at specific values of B2MG in the blood of the patient with HIV and neurological diseases. Differences in the level of B2MG in the CSF were determined depending on the etiology of the central nervous system disease: the highest content of B2MG was observed in patients with fungal lesions and CNS tuberculosis, and the smallest in patients with viral encephalitis, which, with more observations, may have a differential diagnostic value. Thus, the obtained data demonstrate the promising use of beta−2−microglobulin as a prognostic and diagnostic biomarker in HIV−associated neurological diseases.

Key words: HIV infection, HIV−associated neurological diseases, beta−2−microglobulin, viral load, HIV RNA, spinal fluid.

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