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№2' 2017


International Medical Journal, Vol. 23., Iss. 2, 2017, P. 68−72.


Syniavina L. V., Sadchykova M. V.

Kharkiv Regional Clinical Cancer Center, Ukraine

Paget's breast cancer, a rather rare disease, is a special type of cancer characterized by an eczematous lesion of the nipple with development of a tumor in the breast. The issue of treating such patients is urgent. In this regard, a study was conducted to investigate the clinical manifestations of Paget's cancer in patients with isolated areola and nipple lesions at organ−preserving surgical treatment. The results showed that the frequent clinical signs of the disease are eczematous ulceration of the nipple and areola, peeling, itching, bleeding from the affected area. The appearance of the tumor in the remaining tissue after surgery confirms Paget's transitory theory that cancer in situ is an intraepithelial stage in development of invasive breast cancer. The cancer recurrence rate is high: morphological investigation demonstrates infiltrative ductal cancer, immunohistochemical −− luminal type A. A retrospective evaluation of «development» of Paget's cancer in time showed its malignancy, despite the initial favorable clinical manifestations, the absence of focal formation and lesion of the regional lymphatic reservoir. Therapeutic tactics in patients with Paget's cancer should be the same as with typical histological forms.

Key words: Paget's breast cancer with isolated lesions of the areola and nipple, clinical presentation, diagnosis, treatment.

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