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№4' 2016


International Medical Journal, Vol. 22., Iss. 4, 2016, P. 28−32.


Arkatov A. V.

Kharkiv National Medical University, Ukraine

In recent years, increasing sexual culture and public awareness has led to the number of patients who wish to obtain an adequate treatment for penile deviations, including congenital ones. Until now, a perfect standard method of surgical correction of deviations of the penis has not existed. Selection of the surgical method should to be determined together by physician and patient depending upon the type and degree of deviation, the length of the penis and the patient's preferences. Aim of study was to develop and investigate the effectiveness of new technique of tunica incision and tunicoplication vs. other techniques of penile deviation correction. The study involved 18 patients who underwent tunicoplication with ellipse resection of the longitudinal (external) layer of the tunica albuginea. The follow−up period lasted for 0.5−2 years. The investigation demonstrated absence of deviation in 16 patients. All patients had an adequate sexual life and were satisfied with it. The combined method of tunica placation in combination with ellipsoid resection of the longitudinal (external) layer of tunica albuginea in patients with congenital isolated penile deviation allows to achieve good results at the expense of minimizing development of possible postoperative complications, which are observed after resection of all layers tunica albuginea and tunica placation as an independent method of operative correction.

Key words: penile deviation, resection of tunica albuginea, tunica placation, postoperative complications.

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