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№2' 2016


International Medical Journal, Vol. 22., Iss. 2, 2016, P. 38−43.


Chernobai L. V., Tyshchenko O. M., Viktoriia Valentinovna Lazurenko, Muryzina I. Yu., Yurkova O. V.

Kharkiv National Medical University, Ukraine

The aim of the work was to determine the role of the cytokine profile in reducing fertility and etiopathogenesis of non−developing pregnancy (NDP). The study involved 124 women, of which 64 women with confirmed NDP were selected as a core group. The comparison group was formed by 30 healthy women referred for the operation of medical abortion. The control group consisted of 30 healthy women planning pregnancy. All patients were examined to assess the viability of the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. The dynamics of follicle growth and transformation of midline structures of the uterus were controlled by ultrasound. The content of estradiol and progesterone in the blood serum, local immunological status were investigated by detection TNF−alpha in in swabs of the uterus, interleukins IL−1, IL−6, IL−10, FAMG. Endometrial biopsies were subjected to histological examination to evaluate its functional activity and expression of estrogen and progesterone receptors. The findings showed that a large role in reducing fertility in women is played by malfunction of microenvironment genital cells as a result of persistent inflammatory process. In the future, the process of restoring fertility (even after treatment of the focus of infection) may be hindered by problematic restoration of hormone−cytokine relationships that define a complete menstrual cycle with adequate functional activity of the endometrium, reflected by the proper production of FAMG. Thus, hormone−cytokine balance provides a full menstrual cycle in women with normal endometrium, which depends on the secretion of fertility alpha−microglobulin (glycodelin). Non−developing pregnancy is a result of disorders of the immune−endocrine−tissue relations in the genital tract, which can lead to permanent reduction of female fertility.

Key words: missed abortion, endometrial maturation, cytokine, endometrial steroid receptor, fertility micro−globulin α.

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