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№3' 2014


International Medical Journal, Vol. 20., Iss. 3, 2014, P. 97−101.

Hyposexuality and sexual dysadaptation in women at depressive disorders of different origin

Zaitseva L. V.

Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Ukraine

To study the clinical sexopathological characteristics of sexuality formation in women and its influence on development of sexual and marital deadaptation in the depressions of various origins, 399 families were examined. The women were diagnosed depressive disorder of various origins (affective, including bipolar, recurrent), neurotic depression (neurasthenia, reaction to severe stress, mixed anxiety and depressive reaction). The comprehensive examination of women with depressive disorders included clinical, clinical psychopathology, psychodiagnostic, special sexual research, clinical and statistical analysis. The results of systemic structural analysis according to the criteria of sexual health showed that disorders of sexual function in women had their specific pathogenetic features and clinical manifestations, which were closely related to the duration of the disease and the type of sexual constitution. Pathogenic effects of depressive disorders on sexual function should be considered in the diagnosis and correction of sexual dysfunction and psychological adaptation of sexual deadaptation in married couples.

Key words: women, depressive disorders, sexual dysadaptation.

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