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№1' 2014


International Medical Journal, Vol. 20., Iss. 1, 2014, P. 40−43.


Khimich T. Yu., Bilchenko O. S., Avdeyeva E. V., Klapouh V. A., Sirota V. V.

1 Kharkiv National Medical University; 2 Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education

A considerable growth of pneumonia incidence has been noted in the world. A large group of patients with early destructive changes in the lungs, unfavorable prognosis is forming. The changes in the immunity state and host reactivity leads to more frequent cases of atypical pneumonia, cases with poor signs, prolonged treatment of the disease.. Immunotherapy becomes a logical therapeutic strategy promoting more efficient conventional pathogenetic treatment and genetic stability of the immune cells. To study the efficacy and safety of immunocorrecting drug Glutoxim in conjunction with antibacterial therapy in treatment of community−acquired pneumonia 36 patients with group 3 pneumonia aged 27−67 were included in the study. One group of the patients (18 patients) was treated with standard therapy and Glutoxim. The basic mechanism of Glutoxim effect is stimulation of proliferation and differentiation of normal cells and activation of the processes of death of transformed cells. The group of the patients who were administered immunomodulating therapy demonstrated a positive effect of the third day (reduction of temperature and intoxication, control of cough, increase in the parameters of nonspecific immune protection). Mean bed−day was 12.7±1.8. The received clinical and laboratory data prove that Glutoxim enhances antibacterial therapy, promotes more rapid recovery of the patients with inflammatory diseases of bacterial origin.

Key words: pneumonia, prolonged duration, immunodeficiency states, immunocorrection.

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