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№4' 2013


International Medical Journal, Vol. 19., Iss. 4, 2013, P. 51−56.


Dumanskiy Yu. V., Basheev V. H., Ishenko R. V., Lasachko P. S.

Donetsk National Medical University named after M. Gorky, Donetsk Regional Antitumor Center

Paraneoplastic syndrome is an important component of neoplastic process, it can affect the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of the disease. This syndrome in patients with hepatocellular cancer is more frequent with the larger tumor mass, high level of alpha−fetoprotein, disseminated process and late stages. The most frequent paraneoplastic syndromes at hepatocellular carcinoma are hypercholisterinemia, hypoglycemia, hypercalcemia, erythrocytosis. In addition to erythrocytosis, the patients with paraneoplastic syndrome show poorer survival and prognosis vs. the patients without this syndrome. The cases of successful treatment of paraneoplastic syndrome are rare, but they reflect efficacy of the basic disease treatment, therefore, paraneoplastic syndrome can be used as a peculiar tumor marker.

Key words: hepatocellular cancer, primary liver cancer, paraneoplasia, paraneoplastic syndrome.

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