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№3' 2013


International Medical Journal, Vol. 19., Iss. 3, 2013, P. 89−94.


Pasichny D. A.

Kharkiv City Clinical hospital of Urgent and Emergency Medical Aid named after Prof. A.I. Meschaninov

Abstract. A method of cryonecrectomy of purulent wounds is reported. Its capabilities in improving the processes of wound healing, preparation of the tissues of purulent wounds, long−healing wounds and ulcers to surgical treatment is assessed. A method of cryonecrotectomy of the wounds using cryoapplications resulting in adhesions, freezing on and fixation on the effective part of the cryoapplicator of the pathological structures, which together with it are detached or resected from the wound surface with the purpose to clean it from necrotic tissues, fibrin, purulent discharge, pathologically changed granulations or reduction of pain, was developed. The experience of the application of this method using cryoapplicator with a cotton workpiece in 17 patients with long healing wounds and ulcers of the extremities is presented. Application of cryonecrotectomy of the wounds promoted removal of thin−layer (from 0.1 mm and more) pathologically changed tissues and foreign bodies without drug anesthesia. Positive results of preparation of the wounds to plastic reconstruction were obtained.

Key words: surgical treatment, long healing wounds and ulcers, cryotherapy, cryonecrectomy, plastic surgery.

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