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№1' 2013


International Medical Journal, Vol. 19., Iss. 1, 2013, P. 63−66.

The experience of toric intraocular lenses implantation in patents with corneal astigmatism

Natalia Yurevna Bachuk

Kharkiv Medical Academy of Post−graduate Education, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Abstract. The results of the performed operations of facoemulcification of cataract with implanting toric intraocular lenses (IOL) in patents with cornea astigmatism of various degrees by means of facoemulcification of the cataract of various density with grafting of toric aspherical IOL AcrySof* IQ Toric of different models (T2−T9) are analyzed. Considerable increase of the vision acuity and improvement of the quality of life was achieved in all patients. In patients who were implanted different models of AcrySofIQ Toric post−operative vision acuity was −0.78+−0.2, post−operative corneal astigmatism was 0.9+−0.21. The most pronounced visual functions were obtained in patients without accompanying eye pathology, visual acuity in them was 1.0 with almost complete neutralizing of corneal astigmatism. It was shown that grafting of toric IOL is a highly effective method of treatment for cataract with accompanying corneal astigmatism allowing the patients to avoid spectacle correction at length using only one stage of surgery.

Key words: cataract, astigmatism, phacoemulcification, toric intraocular lenses.

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