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№1' 2018


International Medical Journal, Vol. 24., Iss. 1, 2018, P. 25−28.


Korzh O. M.

Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Ukraine

Acute pain is a symptom occurring immediately with tissue damage, limited to tissue repair time or smooth muscle dysfunction. In a number of cases, the pain regresses to tissues healing (cuts, bruises, abrasions). Those suffering from pain in the locomotor apparatus often become the patients of family doctors at the first stage, who make diagnosis and refer the patient to a specialist. However, the main task of the doctor is to alleviate the suffering of the patient. Therefore, administration of therapy at the first visit to the outpatient hospital should be carried out immediately, before receiving the data of the instrumental examination. From a practical perspective, if there is no suspicion or a serious spinal pathology is excluded, it is necessary to inform the patient about the favorable prognosis of the disease and the high probability of complete regression of the acute pain episode, since the acute pain syndrome is usually safely resolved with the help of conservative treatment. Before the beginning of the treatment it is necessary to determine the cause of the pain, duration and intensity, nature. Based on the pathophysiological aspects of pain and the mechanism of action of analgesics, the physician selects the drugs, prescribes adequate doses and adjusts them in such a way as to achieve anesthesia without side effects. Inadequate anesthesia leads to prolongation of the recovery period, increase in the cost of treatment, cardiovascular and other complications, chronic pathology and a decrease in the quality of life.

Key words: pain, etiology, diagnosis, treatment.

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