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№4' 2016


International Medical Journal, Vol. 22., Iss. 4, 2016, P. 87−90.


Ognev V. A., Galicheva N. O., Chumak L. I., Veretelnyk O. A., Podpriadova A. A.

Kharkiv National Medical University, Ukraine

Human health is crucial at different stages of life, especially at a young age when the basis of professional development are formed, the young people are involved in the public, family and reproductive spheres. The health status of students is one of the important parameters of generalized health of the nation. The priority of education is to develop a responsible attitude to the own health and that of the environment as the highest social and individual values, therefore, the purpose of this work was to study the lifestyle of the first−year students of Kharkiv National Medical University. To study the lifestyle of the students, map questionnaire was compiled and used to do a sociological study of freshmen in 2014−2015. The questionnaire included the following sections: medical and demographic characteristics of the students; lifestyle and its characteristics; personal health characteristics and attitude to it. The results of the study showed that the lifestyle of freshmen was tense, caused fatigue and contributed to the risk of stress, disease−like states due to non−compliance to regime of the day, nutrition, inadequate physical activity and the presence of harmful habits. Thus, the aspects of lifestyle of the first−year students that direct the attention of doctors and teachers to preventive character of medical check−ups, were identified. Based on the obtained findings, a model of monitoring the health of medical students was created in order to follow−up their health for their correction and management. Investigations of this type can highlight serious problems, not only of medical character. Monitoring the health should control the culture of health, structure of social values, behavior, aimed at preserving the health and capacity of students.

Key words: medical students, lifestyle, sociological investigation.

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