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№3' 2014


International Medical Journal, Vol. 20., Iss. 3, 2014, P. 31−34.

The rare case of generalized musculodystonic and hyperkinetic syndromes in nervous diseases clinic

Grygorova I. A., Tikhonova L. V., Salo V. I., Eskin A. R., Nekrasova N. A.

Kharkiv National Medical University, Ukraine

The main scientific data on extrapyramidal disorders are reported. Classification of subcortical structures damage and characteristic of each of them are given. Hyperkinetic syndrome is one of the most widespread forms of subcortical structures affection. A lot of research have been undertaken to study the factors leading to such disorders in the young age. Musculodystonic syndrome is one of specific conditions, which appears separately. However the combination of hyperkinetic and musculodystonic syndrome has not been investigated in detail. A case with involvement of the subcortical nuclei is described. A young patient presented with severe craniocerebral injury, complicated with fracture of the right tempoparietal bone, epidural hematoma, contusion of the brain and subarachnoid hemorrhage. All aspects of investigations of this patient such as clinical, paraclinical, biochemical, instrumental were carried out. The diagnosis of generalized musculodystonic and hyperkinetic syndromes was made on the basis of theoretical computations and numerous objective data.

Key words: musculodystonic syndrome, hyperkinetic syndrome, subcortical ganglia.

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