Tikhonova L. V.

Grygorova I. A., Teslenko O. O., Tykhonova L. V.
Clinical and pathogenetic features of mild traumatic brain injury distant period
55 - 59
Grygorova I. A., Teslenko O. O., Tykhonova L. V., Grygorov S. M., Kufterina N. S.
Improvement of quality of life in patients with pain syndromes and dysphagia of various etiology
78 - 85
Grygorova I. A., Teslenko O. O., Grygorova A. A., Tikhonova L. V., Pogrebniak O. O.
The experience of complex treatment for pain syndrome against a background of dysphagia
61 - 67
Grygorova I. A., Tikhonova L. V., Salo V. I., Eskin A. R., Nekrasova N. A.
The rare case of generalized musculodystonic and hyperkinetic syndromes in nervous diseases clinic
31 - 34
Grygorova I. A., Salo V. I., Tovazhnyanskaya E. L., Tihonova L. V., Koudriavtseva A. A.
Disorders of bioenergetic homeostasis and general sensation at atherosclerotic discirculatory encephalopathy
25 - 30
Grygorova I. A., Salo V. I., Tikhonova L. V., Chernenko A. G.
Rare neurology. A case of "locked−in" syndrome in ischemic stroke
27 - 30
Grigorova I. A., Salo V. I., Teslenko O. A., Tikhonova L. V.
Rare neurology. A case of Klippel−Feil craniovertebral anomaly with pronounced hydrocephalia and atrophy of brain substance
14 - 18
Grygorova I. A., Salo V. I., Tikhonova L. V., Khvorost V. A.
Rarity neurology. A case of chronic vegetative state
38 - 41
Grygorova I. A., Salo V. I., Tihonova L. V., Kudriavtseva A. A.
Rarity neurology. A case of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis with multifocal muscular dystonia
22 - 26
Grigorova I. A., Salo V. I., Chernenko A. G., Tikhonova L. V., Nikolenko N. A., Oksuchenko E. V.
Rare−case neurology. A case of osseous Paget's disease with neurological disorders
41 - 44
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